Developing a brand can be overwhelming for anyone. We’ve all been there!

The first question is, where and how do we begin?

A good way to approach branding your business is to think of it as a progressive process. As your business grows and evolves over time, what you started with will progress and evolve.

Therefore, you should avoid delaying your launch because “it isn’t perfect yet.”. Brand development is an ongoing process, and you can continue to evaluate and refine your brand in the future.

But just like building a house, you also need to lay a solid foundation before proceeding.

Follow these steps one by one to strategically establish the foundation for your brand. While you work through the steps, make sure that you consider how your business can adapt and change as it grows.

Why Is Brand Strategy So Important For Your Business?

How to create a brand strategy in 7 steps


Why are you in business?

Can you describe your values and beliefs?


What is it that your business will be selling or doing for people to add value?


What makes your business special?

What makes it better for people to invest in you rather than your competitors?


Who is your business going to attract and sell to?

Decide on your target market, your niche, your competitors, and your community.


What would you say about your products or services?

Define the tone and voice you use in communicating with your audience.


How would you describe the look of your brand?


  • Logo – Three Logo Variations Every Brand Needs
  • The colour scheme
  • Fonts
  • Mood board / style guide
  • Marketing materials and assets such as photography, business cards, graphics, branded documents and templates, email address, as well as web hosting and domain.


What is the feel of your brand?

You should include your value proposition, tagline, elevator pitch, an understanding of your ideal client, and stories that resonate with your audience in your messaging. The information should all be presented in a simple, accessible manner that is meaningful and interesting.

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Brand strategy is one of the most important building blocks when starting out a new brand, so make sure to go the extra mile to make a nice solid foundation.

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