Why are brands still using print materials to market themselves when everything is moving to digital?

One reason why print materials are still used is because different demographic groups respond better to print and digital advertising than to other forms of advertising. A digital advertisement can reach a wider geographical audience, while traditional print advertising is often more effective at driving business locally.

This is not all though, here are our top 5 reasons for choosing print, regardless of the digital age:

1. Increases Brand Awareness

To reinforce brand awareness, print materials are crucial. Having more outlets in which consumers can see your brand strengthens the brand’s credibility. Additionally, the credibility of a catalogue or brochure can also sway some customers in comparison to the unknown of the internet.

2. Makes you stand out

Getting noticed can be challenging, but with print you have a better chance. It’s difficult to cut through the noise of email and other digital content as people are inundated with it. Regardless of whether the recipient discards the material, many will glance at the cover first. At least that’s enough time to register the brand!

3. Tells a story

When the brand has a distinct lifestyle or personality, printed brochures do a great job of storytelling and showcasing its value proposition. Your customers will be able to unplug and digest your marketing more effectively when they receive print marketing as people are increasingly choosing to disconnect from digital media. Consumers can immerse themselves in a brand and its products through printed content, just as they would in a book.

4. A greater focus on detail

Brochures provide us with the opportunity to become informed and educated. Stores strive to display their core products, but the fast-paced nature of most shoppers limits how much detail they can provide to the consumer. In contrast, consumers take more time to browse a brochure. This gives brands an opportunity to provide key information to consumers and sell products through details.

5. Targeting that works

When it comes to targeting and reaching niche audiences, print materials can sometimes be more effective than online content. Defining your ideal consumer better will allow you to reach them more effectively, and print has all the benefits mentioned above, so you have a high chance of succeeding. Our brain processes print marketing differently than other media, and its impact is more significant than other media. As a result, if you target a consumer through print, they are more likely to remember your brand and adverts.

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