Explode your business

We’re a dynamic team with the expertise to explode your business. We’ve studied the marriage between a success-driven money-hungry business, and a client waiting to be discovered. We’ve mastered the steps between first introducing your business to seeing your client sign on the dotted line.

We’re the bridge between a mediocre business and a money-making machine. Nice to meet you.

Explode your business

We’re a dynamic team with the expertise to explode your business. We’ve studied the marriage between a success-driven money-hungry business, and a client waiting to be discovered. We’ve mastered the steps between first introducing your business to seeing your client sign on the dotted line.
We’re the bridge between a mediocre business and a money-making machine. Nice to meet you.

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An agency is a collection of people and standards, and we’ve worked very hard to have the best of both. No one can guarantee results, but we can guarantee that if anyone will help you get there, it’s us.

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Everything we do starts a purpose, is carried out by a driven team with an executable plan, and ends with a retrospective on how to innovate and improve.

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Passion lies at the heart of everything we do. Every design, every project, every campaign – we wear with pride, never forgetting the story behind the success.

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Meet the Amazing Team

Lloyd Pearce

He’s the strategist, key accounts manager, rain-maker, and the pioneer of Pearce Media.

Lloyd is a is a natural-born creative, and has always had a passion for business. His first love is videography and production, and that’s where his journey into media and digital marketing all began.

He’s got an incredible ability to strategise, both for market relevance and business growth, and has extensive insight into correctly branding and positioning a business. Most of his clients refer to his role as a “strategic partner” in their business, as opposed to an outsourced marketing agency.

Lloyd was born in Durban, but he’s convinced he’s actually Italian. He loves all-things-Italy. He is an INCREDIBLE cook. He was awarded with SA colours for karate. He enjoys 5-a-side footie, and has 2 bad knees and only 9 [working] fingers as a result of it. His wife also thinks that he’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Lloyd loves cooking, hunting and photography – particularly when on holiday in the Kruger. He enjoys a good game of soccer, and recently started playing golf.

Melissa Pearce

Some say she’s the “office mom”… some say the matriarch… the glue that holds it together or the oil that keeps the machine turning. Others simply know her as “Lloyd’s wife”. But she’s pretty comfortable with any of those, and takes on whatever role the situation demands. She is known to spoil her clients by going the extra mile and achieving what’s seemingly impossible.

Melissa is both a creative and an analyst at the same time. She is an incredible writer – articles, blogs, books, copywriting, etc. and would spend her days doing only that and managing client relationships if she could.

Melissa loves family time – in any shape or form, enjoys hosting friends and family for dinner parties, loves the outdoors, and while she hates TV, her absolute fav is falling asleep on the couch during movies.

Born in Durban, and now a ‘soutie’ living in the middle of Gauteng, Melissa’s Afrikaans will make anyone raise an eyebrow. She doesn’t have good hand-eye coordination, has a ridiculously low pain threshold, and a nose that seemingly doesn’t have a bone – possibly from running into a sliding door as a 6 year old. She is a “plain jane” yet loves things that sparkle. She loves music, enjoys interior decorating, and falls asleep in movies – every.single.time.

Key Skills

Writing, planning, making lists, and a whole lot in between


Nanette is our web developer and graphic designer.

Nanette has been part of the Pearce Media team the longest (outside of Lloyd and Melissa). She loves learning, developing new career skills and keeping up with trends and developments within the industry. She is passionate about delivering high-quality work, in super-quick time!

Nanette’s main focus is making sure your website looks great! But she also enjoys design and digital marketing. She has over 7 years experience in the design industry and is a WordPress Wizz.
Nanette loves plants, and a lot of them! She is either spending time in the garden, tending to her house plants, or sitting behind a good book. When she has an opportunity, she will definitely take some photos as well!

Nanette is from a tiny town in KZN. She adores cats – especially her own two! For the past 3 years, she has set a goal to learn a new skill each year, and other than that she loves true crime and self-development podcasts!

Key Skills

Website Development


Erin’s current job title is ‘Chief Multitasker’ – and this couldn’t be more accurate. She mainly handles our social media calendar, making sure that all the posts, captions and content are scheduled and running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. She also handles admin tasks like quotes, invoices and ordering from suppliers.

Her favourite quote is: Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, mirror what you admire.

From a young age Erin found she was very good at organising. She loved to pack her toys in separate boxes or arrange her crayons according to colour… That, together with her love of reading, has led to her being really good at organisational tasks as well as the management of procedures and operations.

Erin enjoys reading and pretty much all kinds of out outdoor or sporty activities – hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and soccer are some of her favourites.

Erin absolutely loves wildlife and could move to the Kruger Park tomorrow if someone would let her! Also, when she was 8, her little brother slammed the door on her hand and now her one ring finger is a little shorter than the other.

One of the values she holds very highly is kindness. She believes that there is not enough kindness in the world, and it’s something she tries to practice every day.

Key Skills

Social Media Management
Tinkering, Making cool stickers, Labelling stuff, Colour coding and Organising

Becca clack

Becca is our newest member to the team, and is our Junior Graphic designer.

Becca is known for being tall, creative, weird and funny. Accents are her thing no matter how cringy it may sound, the cringier the better!

Video Editor, Content creator, (Interior designer, photographer.)

Becca’s hobbies include horse riding, playing pool, swimming (specifically in the ocean), and DIY projects. She is a plant fanatic, mother to mostly indoor plants and succulents. She is in love with anything relating to art and design, specifically painting and drawing.
Becca cares a whole lot, but will be brutally honest as she will never tell you a lie. She seem extroverted when you get to know her, but she loves being alone in her own space, free from anyones judgement. She is in love with the ocean, animals and nature. Her dream is to live on the beach. Trust is never earned, only broken.

Key Skills

Organised, efficient, honest, trustworthy, responsible, creative
Davinci resolve, adobe creative suite (revit)

How we’ll work together


Design-focused, first and foremost.

As a team, we’re design-focused across every touchpoint or interaction. Everything we do and dream up has a solid design impact. We get up and go in the morning, supercharged to make a difference with design as a top-of-mind solution.


We’re part of your Team.

Some brands and businesses need a vendor. Well, that’s just not us. We’ve crossed it out from our virtual dictionaries. It’s dead to us. Instead, we’re a partner, enabler, and true collaborator. We’re a team extension and built around unification.


Senior teams, aiming for stellar impact.

All of our service, strategy, design and digital team members are senior-level, ready to take on the world to help you on your mission as a game-changing brand. This is intentional, and built around the logic that to win big, we have to think big.


P is for pure performance.

To us, performance is constantly in line of sight. If we’re not over-delivering on performance, we’re not the right partner for your business. From day-one we’re hyper-focused on getting the right content, portrayed in the right way, ensuring your brand is positioned to perform. We then continue to bring those results to life with our cross-functional teams.

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