Clients and customers frequently struggle with their website wording, or copy. The most common mistake is on the “about” page. Despite what you might expect, your “about” page is not really about you. Especially as a service-based business, it’s not the right place to showcase hundreds of accolades or your life history.

You should still focus your “about” page on your ideal client and their problem. Why did they search for you? What can you do to help solve this problem? A high-converting website begins with these questions, even on its about page.

Let’s discuss some of the components you should include on your about page in order to make it better.

A Compelling Headline and an On-brand Portrait

How do you define an “on-brand” portrait? It’s a picture of you that shows your attitude toward clients. If your brand is friendly and approachable, choose a photo that reflects that. If your brand is bold and powerful, have an image that reflects that. You should also include a compelling headline that serves as an attention grabber and clearly communicates why you do what you do.

The problem needs to be agitated

The reason people visit your website is to solve a problem. What is the problem? Are there any pain points or struggles they face? You want to address that and “agitate the issue”. When you stir up feelings of overwhelm and stress in your audience, they will feel like they are in the right place because you understand them.


The next step is to show that we have a solution to that problem. As you understand and value your visitors’ struggles, you want to give them confidence that you can offer something that will improve their lives or businesses. You can build confidence in them by showing them how you are different and what they will gain by working with you. Your about page can benefit both you and potential clients by using this method.

Social proof should be provided

The term social proof refers to testimonials or client feedback. The term accurately describes why we need to make sure to include some. Testimonials from previous clients give new inquiries a sense of security that you have helped others before them, who are similar to them and who were struggling with the same issue. Proof like this sells you as a trustworthy person\business!

What are your processes or offerings?

Here’s your chance to share your signature way of doing things that results in greater results for your clients! Don’t use industry terms unless your ideal client is familiar with them. Keep the process simple and understandable for them. You could also include a quick navigation to your key offerings or products on your about page. Your visitors will be able to verify that you can help them and that you are the type of person they are looking for, and then easily navigate to the places you want them to visit.

What makes you unique?

You may want to put something more personal and fun on your about page, and that’s awesome! Add a section that showcases your personality, such as fun facts, quirks, a mocked-up quiz, an infographic, etc. Showcase more about yourself and continue to make it things that are somewhat relevant to your ideal client. You might include fun facts about your favourite meal at home, your favourite morning routine or your exercise routine if you are a wellness expert. Consider what will resonate with your ideal client and communicate those things!

Opt-in incentive and call to action

A call to action at the end of your about page is a great place to include one. Now that they have read all about how you can help them, they are ready to join your mailing list, purchase your course, or schedule a consultation, whatever is your main goal at the moment. Ensure that you direct them to the next step in a section!

If writing “about you” feels overwhelming, maybe knowing you don’t actually need to focus on yourself will help… Focus on your ideal client and what will speak to them and you’ll be way better off! You will be able to create a better about page for your business if you keep this in mind.

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