Social Platforms

In addition to Instagram and YouTube, TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms. With millions of users using this app around the world, this is the perfect place for your business to be digitally marketed. Tik Tok is often perceived as an app for the younger generation, but users of all ages use and post on the app. Since gaining popularity in 2020, it has become one of the most popular social media apps. The numerous genres and categories on Tik Tok can be tailored to meet everyone’s preferences.


Tik Tok specialises in videos that are under a minute long. The content usually includes dances, lifestyles, pranks, food recipes, DIY categories, and much more. Newcomers have a higher chance to have a video go viral on this platform as opposed to other apps.


Its algorithm changes constantly, and it pushes out content based on what other users like watching. Those who have used the app know that the For You page is customisable and always changing according to what you’re watching. From a marketing perspective, this tool allows businesses to launch digital marketing campaigns to reach their target markets and appear on their For You pages. It has proven to be an ideal platform for individuals to get a lot of followers but has been underutilised by businesses looking to get new customers.

Ideas & Benefits

Tik Tok offers a number of benefits, including the fact that it is free, has millions of active users, is easy to use, and has a variety of features. Check out these video ideas to promote your business:

  1. With a song playing in the background, tell your story with pictures throughout your journey
  2. Try the “all about my business” challenge
  3. Highlight the accomplishments of your business
  4. From the viewpoint of an employee, here is a typical day at work
  5. Show the before and after of your business
  6. Debunk myths about your industry or your business with the latest true/false video trend
  7. Show your business and accomplishments in the “now look at this” challenge
  8. Join the “get to know me” trend with the newest trending song
  9. Showcase the products and services your company offers to customers
  10. Take a look at a day in the life at work
  11. A.Q.s
  12. Use your workspace as the backdrop to incorporate the latest dance trend.

What To Focus On

When it comes to getting on the For You page, simplicity is key, and unlike other platforms, hashtags are not important. Make sure the location of your video on Tik Tok is correct because it greatly affects where it is advertised.

When you begin using the app, you must be patient. It can be unpredictable when you will appear on another person’s For You page on Tik Tok. It is recommended that you have some experience editing videos or are willing to learn. Be patient, success will not come overnight.

If you use Tik Tok correctly, it can greatly influence the success of your business. It’s important to have a strategy and make sure it aligns with your business before taking the leap. Get your Tik Tok up and running today with our help.